• Challenge: Climate change
    harms human health, the
    economy and the natural
    The Midwest accounts for 5% of the world’s
    total carbon dioxide emissions – and more
    than 20% of the total emissions for the US.
    Only India, China, Japan and the former
    Soviet Union exceed the region’s output.
    Coal emissions are the region’s leading
    source of global warming pollution.
    Coal-fired power plants produce dirty air
    and acid rain which contaminate both land
    and water. These plants create environmental
    and health issues, and are expensive to
    operate and maintain.
    response: pooling non-profit and foundation
    resources to reduce global warming pollution
    ENVIRONMENT | climate change and clean energy | re-amp

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Environment  Climate Change & Clean Energy


RE-AMP is an engaged and active network of over 115 nonprofits and 13 foundations working on climate change and energy policy in an eight-state region in the upper Midwest. It is designed to facilitate strategic alignment across the region, with the goal of transforming the energy sector into a model of clean, efficient, and safe energy use, while reducing global warming pollution economy-wide 80% by 2050. The network is structured to allow organizations from across the region to collaborate on strategy, learn from each other’s “wins and losses,” identify emerging opportunities and share financial resources and technical expertise. The structure allows funders to track progress in each of the eight states, amplify grantee successes, identify funding gaps and align grant awards with information emerging from across the Network. RE-AMP broadens support for change by engaging untraditional partners, including faith-based and youth organizations.